About Us

St. Matthew Assurance Limited ("SMA") is a Tribal Insurance Company licensed by the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma ("Modoc Nation"). The Modoc Nation has a rich and lengthy history in North America and is dynamic in its pursuits. SMA is the first Tribal Insurer licensed by the Modoc under a raft of modern legislation recently adopted through the Modoc legislative process. The Modoc insurance and commercial code is now on par with various other jurisdictions that have historically provided for a financial services industry and SMA is proud to be a part of this growing segment of the Modoc economy. Because the Modoc Nation is its own sovereign and afforded protections as such under US domestic and International Law (e.g. UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People), there are efficiencies and protections afforded Modoc licensees beyond that of other jurisdictions currently facing notable constraints imposed by the Common Reporting Standards and Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act.

Mission Statement

St. Matthew Assurance Limited offers tailor-made insurance solutions for global clientele seeking coverage for risks not adequately addressed in their local statutes.

The Group’s executive management team has well in excess of 150 years of experience in international commerce having worked in leading international centers across the globe.

*SMA is audited annually and supervised by the Modoc Insurance Authority and designated Insurance Manager. All clients are required to have independent legal counsel in their jurisdiction of residence.